Lash Line Enhancement

Simple, thin line placed along the lash line to define eyes without the look of makeup

Custom Eyeliner

Custom liner includes winged liner, solid thick liner, and soft powder liner. This is where we can truly stylize the liner look for you. This is a hybrid of lash line and a liner look that is bolder and more of a makeup look. We can blend multiple styles, customize shape and thickness with this service. The focus is to design an eyeliner look that is best suited for your eye shape.

Old Tattoo Correction add on

Old tattoo correction add on and the price would be additional $100

Underline Bottom Line add on

Eyeliner 6-8 week touch up

This is our perfecting session and where we make any final touches. After touch up you are good to go for a few years depending on skin type and life style.

Additional Eyeliner touch up Within 1 Year

This is for any additional touch up within a year from the initial appointment.

Next Steps:

Consultation options:

  1. [Default option] Consultation same day as treatment (Free)
  2. Phone consultation (Free)
  3. $50 In person consultation available (cost may be applied to PMU treatment)