Inspiring Brow Transformation Results

Hello Beauty Lovers, 

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite brow transformation. This is one of the reasons I love what I do. I get so excited to see the before and after just as much as the client. Brows really do make a difference! In my opinion, it is the fountain of youth. And when you have the right shape and color that is appropriate to you, it’s an added boost of confidence for sure!

Ladies of all ages, all different styles but one common theme: “Her brows, but better!”

How do we select the right permanent eyebrow service?

  • Looking at your artist’s portfolio can help guide you in determining the best eyebrow service for you. When researching, see if they have a variety of client’s age, ethnicity, styles so you can determine if they have experience working with you and your set of needs.
  • Know your skin type
  • How do you normally do your brows and are you wanting your artist to achieve something similar, if so select a style that most resembles it
  • Setup a consultation whether in person or phone to go over and ask questions

I believe it is essential to have an artist who has photos and or video representation of what you want done to your face. Good or bad brows, it impacts the way you look. And I I hope this helps you see how investing your time and money on an artist you’ve done research on is extremely important. I encourage you to shop around. It’s an investment and you’re worth it! With that said, please do your research. Take your time selecting an artist. I know a lot of clients tell me they waited a year or more before booking with me and I encourage that! This isn’t like traditional makeup where we can wipe it off.

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