What is The Difference Between Microblading and Ombré Powder Brows

Ombré Powder Brows

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions around what is the difference between microblading and ombré powder brows. I’d like to help clear up any confusions and help guide you in your quest for the best service for you when shopping for your artist.

Microblading and ombré powder brows are two popular techniques used to enhance eyebrows, but they differ in terms of their application method and the overall look they achieve. And depending on your skin type, one will be most ideal for you than the other.

Microblading involves using a handheld tool to create small, hair-like strokes in the skin to mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs. The strokes are filled with pigments that match the color of the client’s natural eyebrow hair. Microblading is ideal for people who have thin, sparse or over-plucked eyebrows. It gives a very natural and realistic look. This service is ideal for normal to dry skin type.


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On the other hand, Ombré Powder Brows involve the creation of a soft, powdered look that mimics the effect of wearing brow powder makeup. The pigment is gradually built-up in a light-to-dark gradient starting from the base of the brow and fading out towards the tail. It is particularly suitable for people who have oily skin, as it tends to last longer than microblading. Ombré Powder Brows give a soft and subtle look, making it a popular choice for people who want to enhance their natural eyebrows. This is also looks super dark and bold when first done but heals a lot lighter (about 30-40%) into a soft powder.

Ombré Powder Brows

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While the look up the brows are different, the care for them are the same. The aftercare for both techniques involves avoiding excessive moisture, sun exposure, and picking at the treated area to ensure proper healing and longer-lasting results.

So which service is best for you? Ultimately, the choice between microblading and ombré powder brows depends on personal preference and the desired outcome. Whether you prefer a natural and hair-like appearance or a soft and filled-in look, both techniques offer fantastic options for achieving beautifully enhanced eyebrows. However, consider your skin type as that will determine longevity. Microblading is most ideal for normal to dry skin whereas ombré powder brows is ideal for all skin type especially oily.

There are a lot to consider, but my best recommendation is don’t rush the process. Do your research! And, if you still have questions, we do offer complimentary phone consultations and also in person consultations ($50 booking fee which will go towards your initial session if booked). And if you’re ready to book you can click on this link.


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